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    House Insulation. Keeping You Warm Or Cool Or “Rust Free”.

    shipping container insulation

    Shipping Container House Insulation – The savings when building with a shipping container Yes, acquiring containers may be cheap, that one thing, but remember that you have other costs involved.  These costs start from the time of purchase, and apart from delivery, you are building a shipping container home from scratch – bare bones.  For the […] More

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    Shipping Container House Plans. Getting The Building Process Started.

    Shipping Container House Plans

    Shipping Container House Plans, Planning and designing your shipping container home with ease. As with building any small or large home the complete process is roughly similar.  First, there is design selection, finding consultants and tradespeople to complete the work can be a very stressful exercise.  Building for some is overwhelming for some, for many […] More

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    Shipping container home benefits

    Shipping container benefits the previous article discussed the disadvantages largely shipping containers and any potential risks they may involve in construction.  The specially highlighted that of previous use and investigation that use to eliminate the possibility of toxic chemicals. There is a great site called shipping container housing guide which has a lot of information […] More

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