Where to find aeroplanes for sale in Australia?

The starting place to find small planes for sale in Australia.

If someone asked me where I would you buy an aeroplane from, honestly I would not know. Aeroplanes are a little bit out of my depth, and I cannot fly a aircraft but the purpose of this website on my blog I have decided to put an article together for those that may be interested to know about aeroplanes for sale in Australia. 

Some planes come up for auction or tender like the aircraft I have mentioned below being sold through Slattery Auctions.  There are avenues online where not just aeroplanes but helicopters are for sale.

There are for sale websites like aviation trader.com.au which have sprung up.  If selling an aircraft, you can advertise aircraft for sale also. Plane sales, aircraft online as well as Aviation advertiser are other websites advertising aeroplanes for sale to check.

As far as the online auction scene goes which is more the area of focus for law1.com.au try eBay where private sellers have all styles of aeroplanes and flying equipment for sale such as gyrocopters, microlights, amphibian aircraft, replicas such as a P 51 Mustang replica for sale, experimental projects and more.

There are the run-of-the-mill auction houses that deal with say mining equipment and machinery that will also from time to time auction aeroplanes which may be part of a mining equipment sale.  If you are on the east coast of Australia, you may have to look at West Australia as well as there are  Auction houses in Western Australia selling used mining equipment and disposals which may also include planes.

Aircraft wrecking And Spare Parts In Australia.

As a motor vehicle, there are some aircraft components, and wrecking companies also found online.  Try this website first who are aptly named  Aircraft Wreckers Australia. The company is a salvage company with over 20 years in Australia and can ship parts for planes all around the country.

If you want to buy a used aircraft in Australia, many of the plant and industrial equipment auction companies have from time to time aircraft for sale.  At the date of writing, for example, Slattery Auctions had an upcoming tender for a Piper Chieftain aeroplane.  There are many West Australian based auction houses too that I have seen selling planes.  It is just a case of ringing around or going on their database.  You can try phoning Slattery Auctions West Australia headquarters on Ph: 08 6557 8965.

Slattery Auctions aeroplane for sale

Slattery Auctions tender of an aircraft for sale.  Auction companies handling mining equipment, truck and machinery disposals will also have aircraft for sale from time to time.  These tend to be sold on a tender basis.  I have seen a number of aircraft coming up for sale in Western Australia and regularly receive email alerts from these companies of planes for sale.  Source Slattery Auctions.

Like to go for something bigger such as a Jet or ex-military equipment?

Perhaps you are looking at travelling in luxury and style and would like to buy larger aircraft.  There’s a website that has some luxury jets for sale called jetsetmag.com.

Recently reported was that Virgin Atlantic was selling the first 747-400 series Jumbo Jet that entered service for the group back in 1994.  The name of the plane was Lady Penelope.  The plane which flew its last commercial flight in 2015 was put on ebay.com and had a bid of AU $415,000 with the successful buyer of the aircraft to pay all the delivery costs and that the plane was without engines and critical avionics.

virgin Atlantic jet flying

Finally, if you are looking for something with a bit of a twist, i.e.,. Ex-Military Aircraft you can usually find theme under “bone yard” auctions.  These are typically held overseas in countries such as America.  There are tens of thousands of aircraft that have been stored in as many as thirty locations across the United States.

abandoned jet aircraft thai airways aeroplane

Some of these aircraft are stored on a massive scale such as 2,600 acres of land in Arizona for the US airforce.  There are some boneyards that stock just military planes and there are some that store old commercial aircraft.

If you are an auction company based in Australia or a company selling aircraft and would like to be added to this article, drop me an email in the “contact us” page.