Auctions in Adelaide, you might be surprised.

Adelaide auctions offer a small but attractive field of items that a bargain buyer can find. This list is in no way complete and the article will be developed over time as I add and uncover more companies for you.

In relation to the rest of the country Adelaide is much much smaller than say its counterparts in Melbourne or Sydney but there are national companies such as pickles auctions represented and you can also bid online at many auction houses including pickles and therefore size does not matter but access to a computer for bidding and reliable Internet does. That’s if you are prepared to travel to pick up the item which you have bid on.

The first auction house in Adelaide to mention is Pickles. Pickles auctions are a national company and are situated at 1754 Main North Road in Adelaide. At the time of writing pickles were conducting auctions of South Australian government vehicles with approximately 90 S. Australian government vehicles on offer to the public which range between passenger, light commercial, four-wheel-drive vehicles being auctioned including some with factory warranty. Pickles also do earthmoving and mobile plant equipment, trailers, boats and marine equipment, IT, phone and office machines as well as being famous for its auctions of salvage vehicles in Brisbane especially after major hailstorms.

Pickles auctions are a National Australian company with offices in ACT, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia.

Adelaide Auction Companies

There are other smaller auction houses in Adelaide including:

Auction blue: an online website featuring a variety of stuff on a bid online basis. these guys are great, offering a wide variety of stuff for sale by online system known as auction blue. If you check the website you’ll see a lot of categories on offer including artwork and antiques, automotive, collectibles, deceased items, forfeited and seize goods, jewelry, lost in unclaimed goods for auction, manufacturers seconds, sporting and toys, warehouse equipment, wine beer spirits and even food.

This company is based in South Australia and you need to realise that there is a buyers premium of 13.75% on some items, that is in addition to your bid price and that the bid is GST inclusive. I have noticed that my observations of auction blue that they get quite a variety of jobs including disposals, forfeited seize goods. I have followed this website for damaged vehicles being offered in South Australia and needs of been offered cheaply largely parts panel beaters love these type of auctions.

Travel auctions in South Australia: I can’t say I really have used one of these companies although I can say tent to leave things until last minute when it comes to booking my travel plans and holidays. For those of you looking to place a bid on a room and holiday you might want to try travel auctions. This website has a number of packages for accommodation in South Australia.

Scammells are a auction company based in Norwood South Australia. They have online bidding available. The company tends to deal with collectibles and vintage, antique items and offer estate auctions on a regular basis. General each Monday antique, retro and contemporary furniture including China glass collectibles and arts. For those that are chasing the sort of stuff then Scammell’s might be worth a try.

In October, 2016 Scammell’s had a collection of rare and vintage motorcycles for auction to be held in Adelaide including a 1950 Vincent Black Shadow series C.  A similar bike was sold in January 2015 for $US224,250 although Scammell’s were of the opinion that the bike for sale would not achieve this same amount.

Buying and selling property at auction in South Australia. You might want to check out this South Australian government website in relation to the buying and selling of property by auction. There are general statements in respect to the auction process, registering to bed, dummy bidding and vendor bidding as well as related information.

One area that we love to focus on is the bailiff sheriff and mortgagee in possession style auctions and you can check out the bailiff sheriff website in relation to South Australia and any upcoming bailiff sheriff auctions. For more information check the website for the bailiff sheriff .here

South Australian government vehicles for sale: as mentioned above by pickles and you can see the link above for SA government vehicles for sale.. As mentioned there is normally a good selection of vehicles which can approach and number exceeding 80+ vehicles for sale.

If you are looking to buy hail and storm damaged vehicles, check out Manheims website from time to time they have damaged vehicle auctions.  The company is based in Wilkins Road, Wingfield around 22 minutes from the Adelaide CBD.  The main office number is +61 8 8200 9900.