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Welcome to our website. focuses on articles based in [cf_geo return=”region”] as well as other parts of Australia.

This website looks at three areas:

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Auctions
  3. Weekends

Our aims for each category area are as follows:

Lifestyle – This category of post will cover lifestyle topics in both the urban and rural setting.  In January we published some articles relating to tiny houses in Australia and also shipping container homes.  Also, we hope to roll out items with ancillary services related to these types of accommodation buildings, i.e., grey water systems, solar and alternative electricity, problems and challenges associated with these kinds of accommodations.  As our articles showed with the shipping container construction, some buildings can be constructed to make homes or commercial premises from.


Lifestyle can also include health-related topics which overlap with our weekend’s features.  We look at vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, vegan recipes, living a healthy lifestyle through health and fitness activities, etc. and the range of services and activities available.

Auctions are about picking up bargain buys.  As our article features show, there are many ways to snag a deal whether it be a council run auctions, a police auction or a property auction and our articles will look at these auctions around Australia in more detail.  We will be bringing more articles related to auctions in Australia in particular for [cf_geo return=”region”] in the coming months.

Australia Post Auctions for unclaimed mail.  |

Not many people are aware, but you can go to an auction where owners unclaimed goods are being sold by Australia Post.  This post will be continuously updated with the unclaimed goods from Australia Post auctions as I become aware of them. Australia Post receives a mountain of mail and Auctions can have for sale cars, electrical equipment, property for unpaid rates owed to the council, etc.


Weekends are a new section we have introduced. Short road trips, ideas for things around the house or the DIY job that needs doing on the weekend.  It may also include under this category overnight accommodation reviews to ideas on having friends and family over for lunch or dinner.

If you have any ideas for articles or wish to submit relevant content for guest posting, please contact us via the contact form.  Articles must be in Australia for an Australian audience.  We will not respond to enquiries if you do not address this or are selling services such as web design, SEO, etc.
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