Bargain Basement Vehicles: Council Auctions For Abandoned Cars, Trailers, Caravans.

Many councils around Australia run sales of abandoned vehicles even in [cf_geo return=”region”].  These can be through tender process, expressions of interest or abandoned vehicle auctions here are some examples of real sales by town and city councils in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria to show you ways to pick up cheap cars for spares, fixing up and that are being sold through local council.

These vehicles are usually not pretty.  I mean, classified as in fair to poor condition so be prepared.  Buying abandoned motor vehicles is not for the faint-hearted basically you don’t know where it’s been and usually its been driven hard before being dumped on Council land.  The cars are always sold without registration in a lot of cases but PPSR clean without any finance owing.  Just, the owners cannot be located.  As a result you will get an opportunity to pickup a bargain vehicle but you have to be knowing where to look.

Ideally, this is a domain for panel beating friendly people or  anyone looking for cheap vehicle spares, spare panels, cheap entry to car parts for vehicles etc.

Ipswich City Council Abandoned Vehicle Sale

Ipswich Council in Queensland for example at the time of writing in December 2016 were selling a number of abandoned vehicles.  Ipswich city is approximately 40 minutes south-west of the Brisbane CBD in Queensland and is accessible easily by public train transport or driving from the Brisbane CBD.

The council were auctioning 26 unclaimed motor vehicles. It was reported in the  Queensland Times which is a local newspaper for the City of Ipswich that there were five Commodores and one caravan that were sitting in the councils impound yard at Kenneth Street in Ipswich that had been cleared from city roadsides.  The purpose of auctioning the vehicles is largely to recover the costs of removal and impounding as well as a council duty to keep clear the roads of hazards.  That was what they said, but some councils recover money for other purposes.

on the list of cars for auction were Holden, Honda’s, Mitsubishi.  More specifically – Holden Epica, Honda Accord, Kia Carnival, Ford Laser, Subaru Forester, Holden Commodore, Toyota Corolla, Ford Falcon and so on right down to a caravan!  Yyou can find out more information from the Ipswich City Council and keep an eye on any upcoming car auctions they may have as the last abandoned motor vehicle auction that I’m aware of that was run by this council was in mid-2016, meaning, they seem to hold auctions every 6 months (assumption).

A look wider and you will see that many councils around Australia sell their abandoned vehicles collected from Council property.

Burdekin Shire Council – Vehicle Auction

the Burdekin Shire Council were auctioning in July of this year, 2016 abandoned motor vehicles.  Burdekin Shire is located approximately one hour 15 minutes south-east of Townsville along the coast of Queensland.  These vehicles were obtained as a result of being abandoned road side at parks and abandoned on land council controlled.  The vehicles were unregistered at the time of collection.  As with the property is being sold for council rates article we wrote,  there is an extensive search process that the Councils conduct to locate vehicle owners using number plates or VIN numbers or engine numbers before it is placed for sale to the public

If the owners are found in the Council search, the owners are asked to remove the vehicle from the Council depot within seven days and failure to do this or contact the Council following that notice will result in the Council seizing the vehicle where it is unlawfully parked and removing the vehicle for safe keeping.  This relates to vehicles being abandoned on council land and not private property of other owners.

MacKay Council Vehicle Auction

In Mackay about 4 to 5 hours south of Townsville a total of 59 vehicles were to go under the hammer including eight motorbikes in December 2016. The proceeds from the sale were intended to go to the State emergency service rather than recouping council coffers in administering the collection maintenance which is usually the case.  The vehicles were standard Japanese, Holden and Korean made vehicles as well is a BMW 328 sedan.

The Mackay city council removes vehicles from the roads if they are an eyesore or if it is reported to the Council following which  a Council officer will inspect the vehicle and if it is unregistered and abandoned a notice is stuck to the windscreen.  The owner then has eight days to remove the car from the road and a release fee for the abandoned vehicle of $290 payable.  If you are interested to keep track of the Mackay auctions, a full list of vehicles and more information is usually published and the Mackay newspaper called the daily Mercury article will usually post any council auctions as they happen.

Yass Valley Council, New South Wales

Yass Valley Council  is located in New South Wales and at the time of writing this article, were advertising on their website vehicles for sale by expressions of interest.  Listed were 14 vehicles in fair to mainly poor condition and expressions of interest closed in February 2017.  Note that the year was not stated on its website but I’m assuming it is early 2017.  Yass Valley is around 285 km south-west of Sydney and is around three hours by car from Sydney.  The cars on offer would be ideal for anyone looking for spare parts for Japanese makes and Holden spares.

Ex-burnout cars 🙂

As mentioned, these vehicles are largely not pretty.  The vehicles that are being auctioned by the Council come from abused backgrounds and in some cases used for burnouts and abandoned, damaged by their owners such as the case in Muswellbrook where the abandoned vehicle had shredded tires and had just been left by the driver with the police having no success in locating the registered owner.

Abandoned vehicle auction by Victoria Council

Knox city council has impounded vehicles being 13 lots to be sold by Knox city council under the general provisions local laws 2010 and local government act 1989 which in this case the vehicles were sold as is unregistered without keys and were PPS are clear and have no financial security or interest against them no security or financial interest against them.  That is stated on the Knox City Council webpage in relation to these vehicles being sold.

The council was selling these vehicles by tender which closed in November 2016 and were available for online or submission or dropping submissions in person at the Knox Civic Centre,  511 Burwood Highway, Wantirna South, Victoria 3152.  Knox City Council buildings are located around 40 minutes south east of the Melbourne city CBD.

We will post more articles about Council auctions on this site.