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If you live in Virginia and would like to contact us, feel free to do so using the box below.  We are looking for ideas for new articles, products etc.  Our response time is generally 3 to 5 business days.

Guest posters

We are looking for guest-written articles to do with topics for an Australian readership.
Relevant products and services.  If you are selling a product that is based in Australia and is relevant to the readership then drop us a message.

Are from overseas and are offering a topic that isn't Australian related content then we would likely be uninterested.

We will not return emails soliciting irrelevant offers to market and become affiliates for.

If you are offering SEO, ranking services, web design, link building services or similar IT consulting roles and have a software program that tells us our ranking could be improved then we will not respond and your message blocked from further contact.  Please do not contact us.  We receive 1 to 2 emails a day from companies in India asking for SEO opportunities to rank this website.

Content complaints
Content complaints can be lodged using the form below.  Our response time is generally 3 to 5 business days.

Reporting photographs for removal
Our photographs are from sites providing stock photography for free.  These are given on an "open licence" for "commercial reuse" basis with modifications allowed and/or creative commons licence, copyright zero basis.  Web sites where photographs have been obtained are; photographic sharing sites such as - squirrly, unsplash.com and Flickr.  We do not actively monitor if or when the photographs may change with respect to their usage licencing.  Therefore, if we are breaching any copyright or intellectual property rights in respect of the material on our website we will remove the material upon receipt of notification.  Photographs are generally removed upon receipt of valid complaint and allowing 24-72 hours window to do so.

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