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Want to donate your car to charity? Here’s how.

So you want to get rid of your old vehicle and don’t know what to do with it? While there are various options and perhaps if the vehicle is not of a standard that you could trade into a used car dealership or sell registered online you might want to consider donating the car to charity.

There are number of charities that advertise for vehicles online but they are not technically set up to receive vehicles and sell themselves and pocket the cash for their charitable organisations. They would rather you sell the vehicle or offload  it to say a wreckers will come and pick it up and give you around $200 for the car and then  you hand them the cash for the sold vehicle.  This is all just too complicated and in Australia there are not many charities are geared up to take the vehicle off your hands and process themselves.  At the time of writing there are only around two charities that have a fully functioning system in place for accepting charitable donations of vehicles at no cost to the donor.

It doesn’t matter whether your car is going or not going there are a couple of charities that are geared up for receiving vehicles in Australia. It’s a far cry from the United States that has many active charities receiving vehicles and a taxation system in place for the donor of the vehicle to get tax concessions.

I have had cars in the past and have just sold them unregistered or have the scrapyard come and pick up the vehicle on a flat big bed truck and take it away to be sold for parts.

In respect of Australia the good news is that some charities have taken the lead in setting up a service where you can donate your car to charity.   Bad news is that the donation service may not be available in your area. These charities have joined forces with auction houses to the likes of Manheim auctions.

Car donations allow you to offload the no longer wanted car motorbike,  car,  ute etc. to a charitable organisation and have that warm fluffy feeling that you’ve helped someone or an organisation in need.

Kids under cover are setup to receive vehicle donations

Kids undercover is a service that have a pickup service for those in Melbourne. Advantages  are that there is no time wasted in dealing direct with the charity concerned as well is no cost in offloading the vehicle i.e. auction costs or advertising fees. As far as tax deductions go you will have to check out with your accountant or Australian taxation office has more about this on their website.

The website Cams reported Kids Under Cover had received over 15,000 vehicle donations through their program since its inception in 2006.  The program definitely has proven a winner and a win win for people looking to donate their vehicles to a good cause without incurring cost.  100% of the sale proceeds of the vehicle auction by Manheims is given to the kids under cover program to help youth homelessness.

So if you want to make your car donation you can telephone the following charities.

Kids undercover – this organisation is located in Richmond in Victoria and you can find more information about the car donation services here on their website.

This article in the ABC features a Hobart school teacher who donated his vehicle to the Kids Undercover car donation program.

Handbrake turn – this is the second charity that is receiving vehicles that we know of.  These guys are located in Preston Victoria and also go under the name of concern Australia.  The telephone number is 03 9470 2972.

With the kids undercover program the vehicle does not have to be operational and going.  Don’t forget to take off the numberplates if you are going to donate the vehicle. Basically you can go on to the kids undercover website and fill out what is required and then the rest is easy, Mannheim’s come and will collect the vehicle and auction it off of which the proceeds of the donated two kids undercover.

Western Australia FIFO worker donates vehicle to bush fire affected resident

There have been other cases of people who have cars, organising their own vehicle donations privately and through social media.  These cars obviously are still able to be roadworthied where as many of the vehicles most likely sold to charities for auction are being sold “as is” for scrap and secondhand car parts and panels.

Yarloop was a Western Australian town affected by bush fires and a FIFO worker from Mandurah donated his car to a Yarloop resident following which he apparantly managed to spark another 14 donations of vehicles to Yarloop residents.

There are numerous cases of car donations as a result of people reaching out through social media.  In another case, a young Aulbury-Wadonga woman received a vehicle to help her find a job prompting a local 82 year old resident to donate his vehicle to the lady rather than sell it.

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