Shipping Container House Plans. Getting The Building Process Started.

Shipping Container House Plans

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Shipping Container House Plans, Planning and designing your shipping container home with ease.

As with building any small or large home the complete process is roughly similar.  First, there is design selection, finding consultants and tradespeople to complete the work can be a very stressful exercise.  Building for some is overwhelming for some, for many people building a home, they revert to conventional forms of construction than something like shipping container homes or tiny houses.  Container homes can restrict the number of designs that you can come up with by the fact that the cargo containers are rectangular in shape.  You may also have to make the most of the smaller space area you begin working with beyond having the services installed within the space using.

You could go for a natural approach of having a builder offering ready-made shipping container homes.  These are off-the-rack designs and can be sourced online through simple Google searches.  Buying an off the rack option is higher in cost.

You can buy pre-developed kit homes to developed shipping container homes.  Plans and designs are available online or from the consultants you engage.  Following which you can customise with your specific options for your specific needs.  Again, when you’re customising to a great extent make sure that you investigate all aspects of the company by the shipping container from, builder or architect you are engaging to design the home.  You should try and get references from anyone that you use IE previous customers and have used these companies.  You will need to investigate the quality of the work and gauge such things as whether the anticipated budget given was realistic versus what actually was the cost completion of the project.  Like I guess with many industries some companies may relate more to get the business at the estimation stage and then to the customer surprise start adding on many costs following the signing of the contract.  I have seen that where general quotes are given on a standard slab construction only for the customer to be slugged extra because of increased foundation/footing costs.  You will need to cost out any planning design process, permits and council approvals required.  Firms are specialising in shipping container home construction should be able to gauge the costs of Council applications given that it is recommended to be using a company that is familiar with the whole process.

When you’re constructing the project you should keep the business cards of contractors that you use as anything that may need attending to such as repairs or maintenance of work you will be able to contact the builder quickly. A good tool for using note storage and keeping of photographs of business cards and brochures and pamphlets as well as photographs of the work include Evernote.  With Evernote you can annotate the images i.e. label them with arrows, texts et cetera and make notes around photographs as well as audio notes and copies photographs of receipts.

Of course there is the benefit of using the same contractors because this may lead to potential discounts – given that they are familiar with dealing with you versus a new client.

Keeping good records also is handy when you’re talking to builders and then you can quote them layouts, dimensions and square meterage.

Choosing the right size shipping container home is an individual decision but just remember that you don’t want a house so big that it becomes a dust maintenance system and you continuously vacuuming the place inside.  Conversely you don’t want to build a house so small that you have a family or partner and both of you aren’t getting in each other’s way crawling around from room to room in property.

Remember when planning a home that you need to work out what is functionally good for you and the furniture that you have existing. Room sizing may need to be adjusted to fit existing furnishings.

You will need to give measurement considerations for a living and family room areas, dining room, kitchen preparation areas, meals/eating areas, home office, bedrooms and bathrooms as well as pantries and storage areas.

Ceiling height will need to be considered as well as the interior space for wiring and other connections including Insulation that aren’t required to be installed in the ceiling space.  Be aware that any loss in space even if it appears minimal can have an impact in your feeling of spaciousness inside.

Obviously to double the space of a living area will involve placing to shipping containers side-by-side.  This may produce a boxy and symmetrical look.  There may be a possibility of creating a top floor that juts out over the bottom floor shipping container and creates a shady overhang.  Stacking containers one upon each other can produce differing heights.  There may be a possibility to consider expansion at a later stage by making the containers as a base of our home and incorporating traditional building methods above is a second level having the solidity of a shipping container as a ground-level area.

Shipping container homes may help you build your dream and living sustainably even off the grid. Shipping container house plans come in various sizes but many people just use one or two containers to begin with.  Living in such a small place like the tiny house movement that is growing in Australia sees many people using space effectively and efficiently coming up with smart storage solutions.


Shipping container plans – would be perfect if there was an upper story on half for a loft


IWill Creat Pro – it’s a storage container from

As you know these homes are made of metal on metal is usually prone to rusting.  You will have two treat this middle area and surfaces.

There is a product on Amazon called “rust converter ultra” which prevents the spread of existing rust, prevents corroding and future rusting. The product will actually provide a long lasting shield of protection, reduce the need to sandblast, scrape and grind away rust and is easily applied by brushing on or spraying on the product.  You can read more about the product here and includes a lot of reviews and would star ratings from actual customers that abort the product.

Oak Leaf has created adhesive Wall Hooks which are waterproof and heavy duty wood and stainless steel made.  The Hawks can include on a wide variety of surface finishes including finished walls, glass walls and timber and gypsum board.

25 Shipping Container House Plans – Green Building Elements

Feb 29, 2016 Check out these shipping container house plans! It is an economical and green way to reuse old containers.
shipping container house plans

Example shipping container house plan of a U-shaped design, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room and outdoor area. More plans available here photograph source – pinterest


This hanger is constructed of stainless steel.

There is also a folding screen by Acme.  A great product for tiny spaces dividing a room without the need to build a internal wall.  There are different colours and patterns to choose from that match your home and the screen height is and measures wide the screen on average has a rating of so many stars and whatever whatever