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Your friends will think your crazy! Old train carriages for sale in Australia. Where to buy them cheap?

Who to contact at Slattery Auctions if you want more information?

Contact: Glendon Burton on telephone number is – Ph: 0488 555768
and email is gburton@slatteryauctions.com.au

Other auction houses would handle train carriages for sale.

Here are some auctions of the above railway carriages being sold by Slattery Auctions.
Note – Photographs are also from the Slattery Auctions website unless otherwise mentioned.

1908 American type carriage. Vintage rail carriage.
1908 American type carriage.
Vintage rail carts for sale Canberra
Vintage rail carriage for auction. Circa 1908 being sold by Slattery Auctions.
first class rail carriage for sale
Photograph of a 1936 model 18 seater first class rail carriage.
old railway carriage for sale - NSW, Qld, Victoria.
External view of the 18 seaters first class rail carriage being auctioned.  Some carriages have been vandalised with spray paint and graffiti tagging.
used railway carriage for sale Canberra
1939 – 14 berth carriage.
used rail cart for sale cheap
Photograph of one of the lots being auctioned. This is an internal shot of standard cabin in a 1961 model carriage.
railway carriage 20 berth sale selling online
Internal passenger area of a 20 berth twinette carriage.

Many of the leading plant and machinery auctioneers would from time to time get stock. It’s just a matter of keeping an eye out and registering for their newsletter.

Manheim Auctions, for example, were selling Queensland Rail carriages in March 2016. This sale comprised 40 “M” class sleeper carriages. There was a First class, economy class sleeper carriages as well as baggage car, staff car, power and buffet cars for sale.

These were being sold from the Queensland Rail Heritage workshops in North Ipswich, Queensland. Ipswich is a town within an easy 1hour from the Brisbane CBD. The sale would be well and truly finished but just for the record the Maheim staffers handling this sale of the ex-Queensland Rail carriages were:

Contact: Sandra Hammond T: + 61 7 3868 9986 M: +61 409 560 210 E: sandra.hammond@manheim.com.au
Contact: Alex Leahy T: + 61 7 3868 9969 M: + 61 478 310 742 E: alex.leahy@manheim.com.au

Gumtree – If you are looking for other outlets for old train carriages for sale then you could try. A quick check of gumtree for example at the time of writing this piece revealed some interesting finds. A burnt-out train carriage in the Penrith and another in Orange, New South Wales areas. Both at “negotiable” prices.

eBay may be another place to look. There were a couple of listings of old carriages in a reasonable condition being advertised on eBay, and the sellers were asking with a buy it now price of as much as $8,000 to $10,000 each for these carriages.

Dealers such as Australian Train Movers is a website with old rail carriages offered for sale. There were units located in locations around NSW and Toowoomba in Queensland. Prices currently advertised were between $12,000 and $30,000. Heres an interesting story on train graveyards.

Railway discussion forums are worth looking at too.  You could check a great website called Railpage.

After purchase, your next biggest challenge is getting the new carriage home.

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